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  • 11. Lyric Theatre

    Lyric Theatre

    Lyric Theatre, located at 1000 Iberville Street, was considered one of the most beautiful playhouses for African Americans during the 1920s. During the night the theatre would sometimes put on exclusive shows for white-only audiences that were a bit raunchier than the shows at earlier times in the day. Lyric Theatre featured an orchestra led by John Robichaux for close to a decade, which would utilize a stage raised and lowered by hydraulic power. Cornetist Andrew Kimball and bassist Henry Kimball played in Robichaux's orchestra in addition to Harrison Barnes, Lawrence Marrero, Sam Dutrey, Big Eve Louis Nelson, Sonny Henry, Alec Bigard, Alphonse Picou, and CIE Frazier. White marble adorned the front and foyer of the theatre and the dressing rooms designed with a combination of marble and oak. Trying to remain conscious of fires that burned down buildings in Chicago, the theatre gaveĀ a great deal of consideration to the sightlines and accessible exits. Despite all of this, Lyric Theatre burned down to the ground in 1927 with only the tile name remaining on the sidewalk.